Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this a get rich quick scheme?

No. AdBuxPro is not a get rich quick scheme. We are not a pyramid scheme or anything else illegal. You do not have to invest or refer anyone to make money with our site. We have things like offerwalls and other easy tasks members can complete to earn money without the need to refer anyone at all.

2. How it works?

AdBuxPro is a Advertising/PTC site. Members can advertise their own websites or view other websites and complete tasks to earn money. 

3. How much can I earn?

At AdBuxPro we offer both free and paid memberships. The amount of money you can earn is based on not only your activity but also the activity of your referrals. Don't know how to refer? That's fine, at AdBuxPro you can purchase direct or rented referrals! We do referral renting a little bit differently then most PTC sites. We actually want you to make money with it, so we decided to cut back fee's as well as make rented referral recycling FREE! So if your referral isn't clicking we don't want you to waste your money. Simply get a new one for free!(Refferal Recycling only applies to rented referrals).

4. Can I have more then one account?

NO. You may only have one account per household. The use of VPN or Proxy is against our terms of service!

5. How do I Deposit?

We currently accept Stripe (for debit/credit cards), AirTM, Coin2Send (for BTC and LTC) and more coming soon!

6. How do I get paid?

Right now we offer AirTM, BTC, ETH, LTC, and Skrill for cashouts. Instant Cashouts will be back soon!



7. Can I get a Refund?
For Advertisement Packages:
All sales are final and no refund will be issued for advertisement purchases, unless a system error has occurred or we determine a refund is necessary. If you are unhappy with a purchase contact us and we will come up with a solution to make it right. Refunds will only be issued on a case by case basis. In cases where the purchased traffic has not yet been delivered, we can and will issue a refund upon request and the traffic campaign will be suspended. However if you have recieved the traffic you purchased we can not offer a refund.
For Membership Upgrades:
If you purchase a Membership such as Bronze, Silver or Gold, and you did not get what you expected out of it, In cases where you aren't happy with the results, we will offer a extension of your Membership at no extra cost. In cases where satisfactory results will not be possible, we will offer a refund. If you find you are unhappy with your Membership please contact us so we can make things right. It is our goal to make sure every single member has a positive experience. If you have any questions at all please contact us by support ticket or live chat. Also don't forget upgrading or depositing will NEVER be required at


8. Do I have to verify my Identity to Deposit or Cashout?

Due to the growing risk of fraud on the internet we have decided to implement automated KYC (identity verification). We use a professional third party for this called Your information will be handled by a secure connection on servers. Once you have deposited $10, or reach the cashout minimum($1) the website will ask you to complete KYC to unlock the cashout and deposit options. This will only be required once. You will be able to continue to use the website normally however until KYC is complete the deposit option and cashout option will be locked. If you have already deposited but for some reason cannot complete KYC a full refund will be issued on any deposits that fall within our refund policy.