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ABP News Updated 6/5/23
Published on Jun 05th, 2023 06:46 pm

6/5/23: KYC Identity Verification automation will be in full effect 6/8/23 if everything is completed on time. After this update AdBuxPro will start releasing TONS of new content including contests, paid to play games, new offer walls and even MORE exciting ways to earn on ABP! We are just around the corner from being the Next Generation of PTC site. We are working as diligently as possible to offer you the best quality a PTC site can offer and with that goal in mind we are about to release some BRAND NEW NEVER BEFORE SEEN new exciting ways to have fun and make money online with a PTC site. Thank you to all our members who believe in us and support us through our endeavor to make PTC GREAT AGAIN we couldn't do it without you!

6/1/23: We have come to a new decision to make KYC more user friendly. The requirement for KYC Identity Verification will now trigger after you have deposited more than $10 or try to cashout more then $10. We still want people to be able to see we are in fact paying and there are no games here, but at the same time stop fraud. We feel this will be the best solution to achieve both. Our Terms of Service has been updated to reflect this.

5/31/23: BTC, ETH, and LTC have been added as withdraw options on the withdraw page. This will be manually completed until we get the new instant crypto deposit/withdraw system going.

5/30/23: Autopay bug has been patched! It was just a visual bug.


5/29/23: Automation for KYC Identity Verification is now being developed for AdBuxPro. Due to the amount of fraud attempts we are getting lately we have decided to implement some safe guards to help protect our site against fraudulent activity. Here soon the site will automatically request you to complete KYC identity verification if you fall into certain criteria. We are using to complete our KYC process. Once you reach our cashout minimum or deposit more then $10 you will be asked to verify your identity. You will only need to complete KYC one time. If you cannot pass KYC your deposits (minus any cashouts already made) will be refunded and your ability to cashout or deposit will remain locked until you can complete KYC. You will still be able to use the site normally until KYC is completed, and once completed you can once again deposit or cashout. We understand this may be frustrating but we must protect the security of our site and do our part to fight against online fraud. With that said we chose our KYC provider very carefully to offer the best experience possible. It's very easy to do. For those of you who have already completed KYC manually with us using withpersona, you will not have to do it again.


5/27/23: For a Limited Time Only Gold Memberships will be 25% off! Gold Max will be 45% Off! This offer will expire May 31st at Midnight!

5/26/23: It appears we may now have a bug with autopay. We are investigating it as it seems to be charging more then it should be.

5/26/23: Free members now get 15% on referral clickcs and we have now added a $0.50 upgrade commission for Free members whose Direct Referrals upgrade.

5/2/23: Please take the time to leave a honest review of our site on Trust Pilot thank you! --->TrustPilot

Processor Status:

STRIPE DEPOSITS: Completed Instantly!

COIN2SEND DEPOSITS: Manual verification Required because of an issue with the api postback. New Instant crypto wallet system coming soon!

AirTM DEPOSITS:  Completed Manually.

AirTM Cashouts: Completed Manually.

Skrill Cashouts: Completed Manually.

Crypto Cashouts: Completed Manually.

Payeer, Perfect Money and Faucetpay coming soon!